Panels and Performances

Due to the transition to a 2-Day event, YumeConUSA 2024 will involve an overhaul of our applications for Panels and Performances, including clarification on badge compensation. Check back later for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Panels?

Panels are informative presentations presented by passionate attendees. Previous Panels have included fandom-specific offerings or more general informative presentations.

What are Performances?

Performances are any performances interested in taking place on YumeConUSA's main stage. This can include dance performances, singers, and more!

Do Panelists and Performers get free admission to YumeConUSA?

Depending on the amount of programming, Panelists and Performers can get free or discounted admission to YumeConUSA. Exact details for 2024 are currently being finalized.