Code of Conduct

Harassment Policy

  • YumeConUSA has a strict no harassment policy. This policy applies to everyone on site: Attendees, Staff, Volunteers, and Guests.
  • Harassment is defined as behaviors such as, but not limited to, unwanted intentional touching, stalking, and verbal harassment.
  • If you are experiencing harassment, find the closest YumeConUSA staff member. If a staff member cannot be located or you have a harassment complaint about a staff member, complaints can be texted to YumeConUSA’s hotline at (669) 696-3690. This is the best point of contact for immediate complaints during the con. All hotline contact will be monitored by a Managing Member of YumeEvents, LLC, which runs YumeConUSA, and any enforcement will be a decision of 2 or more Managing Members.

    Harassment complaints can also be directed to however this email may not yield immediate responses during convention hours.

    When making a complaint, please include information such as a basic description of the individual and what kind of individual they are (Attendee, YumeConUSA Staff, other Staff, etc.) if you have that information available to you.

  • Attendees must abide by all federal and local laws in San Jose. Actions such as public intoxication, solicitation (including signs advertising "will 'X' for $5"), and indecent exposure are prohibited.
  • Violations of the Harassment Policy may result in consequences including, but not limited to, warnings, suspension of badge, or removal from the event. All enforcement of consequences will be determined by agreement of multiple Managing Members of YumeEvents, LLC, which runs YumeConUSA. Any staff involved in a complaint will not be involved in any enforcement decisions.

Photography Policy

  • When taking photos, it's very important to ask the permission of the subject of the photo. Don't assume consent because the subject is in cosplay or posing for another attendee. If an attendee says no, respect their no. Violations of such will be considered harassment under YumeConUSA's harassment policies.
  • YumeConUSA will be taking photos at the event. We reserve the right to use photos taken for promotional purposes without compensating the subjects of the photos.


  • Pets are not allowed in YumeConUSA spaces. Service animals under the ADA trained to perform a task to assist a disabled person are welcome.
  • All ages may attend YumeConUSA, but we require attendees under the age of 14 to have a parent or guardian present. YumeConUSA does not offer any childcare or supervision of underage attendees.