Maid Cafe

Maids and Butlers in YumeConUSA's Maid and Butler Cafe welcoming customers in.

Come Join YumeConUSA's own Maids and Butlers in our Maid Cafe! Information on Maid Cafe Tickets will be released at a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Maid Cafe included with my YumeConUSA badge?

YumeConUSA's Maid Cafe is a separate ticketed experience and requires purchasing an additional ticket.

Do I need a YumeConUSA badge to go to the Maid Cafe?

Yes. Even if you have purchased a ticket for YumeConUSA's Maid Cafe, you will not be permitted in the cafe without a YumeConUSA badge.

Interested in Joining us as a Maid or Butler?