YumeConUSA Dress Code

- All attendees of YumeConUSA must wear clothing sufficient enough that they do not violate indecent exposure laws in the City of Palo Alto or the State of California.

- Furthermore, YumeConUSA is a family-friendly event. We ask that all attendees keep this in mind when choosing their attire.

- Genitals must be covered during the entire duration of your stay at the venue. If wearing tight clothing over external genitalia, consider wearing a dance belt or similar garment.

- All attire must be self contained and not constitute a nuisance to the people around you. (i.e. no smoke machines, bright flashing lights, loud sound effects or music)

- All costumes must fit through a standard doorway unassisted.

- Hate symbols and associated imagery may not be worn.

- Due to liability concerns, shoes must be worn at all times.

- Even if attire does not specifically break the rules listed here, YumeConUSA and its staff reserve the right to ask an attendee to change their attire on a case-by-case basis.

YumeConUSA Weapons and Props Policy

- Any items illegal in the State of California are not allowed.

- All props will be checked before they are allowed access to the event. (peace bonding)

- Peace Bonding will occur at our Peace Bonding and Cosplay Station (location to be determined)

- All gun props must have no moving parts. This includes moving triggers.

- All gun props must have a non-removable orange tip.

- Live Steel is not allowed. “Live steel” is defined as any metal that has or could take on a sharp edge.

- Props must be made of materials such as they are not usable as actual weapons.

- Functioning projectile weapons are not allowed. (ie. a bow with an operational drawstring, nerf guns, airsoft guns)

- Even if peacebonded, props may not be brandished at others in a threatening manner except when posing for photos.

- All props must fit through a standard doorway unassisted.

- YumeConUSA reserves the right to refuse props that may not be covered in these guidelines on a case-by-case basis.

YumeConUSA may ask attendees who do not comply with our Dress Code or Weapons and Props Policies to remove the offending item, change, or confiscate their badge without refund.