Join YumeConUSA for our Cosplay Contest and win prizes!

The YumeConUSA Cosplay Contest will consist of two parts: Craftsmanship and Skit.


-All contestants must be paid attendees of YumeConUSA.

-Craftsmanship entries must be 70% made by the entrant. Some bought items (such as shoes) are acceptable. In the case of groups, 70% of the cosplays must be made by members of the group.

-Entries may be sourced from any popular media. Original and fanart designs are permitted, but must be accompanied by an illustration of the design.

-Costume entered may not have won any award at a cosplay contest or masquerade at any other convention.

-Cosplays and props must follow the YumeConUSA dress code.

-A printed reference photo of your design is required. Progress photos and a portfolio are highly recommended, but not required.

-Entries will be judged on accuracy to reference image, cleanliness of execution, and variety and difficulty of skills demonstrated.

-Craftsmanship entrants have the option of either performing a skit or a walk-on. Walk ons will be 30 seconds or less.


-All contestants must be paid attendees of YumeConUSA.

-Skits may be a maximum of 3 minutes. Anything longer must obtain pre approval from the contest director.

-YumeConUSA is an all ages convention. All skits must be PG-13 material or below.

-Purchased costumes may participate in skits, but are not eligible for Craftsmanship judging or Best in Show.

-Cosplays and props must follow the YumeConUSA dress code.

-Microphones for live singing will not be provided unless discussed. If you need a microphone or any special equipment, please contact the contest director at Special equipment will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

-YumeConUSA will not be supplying assistants or ‘stage ninjas’ for skits.

-Do not throw anything on the stage (glitter, flower petals, confetti, etc.). The stage must be left the way you found it.

-Flips and other acrobatics will not be permitted without prior approval of the contest director.


The judges will award Best Craftsmanship, Best Skit, and Best in Show. Each judge will also award a Judge’s Choice award.

Check back later for announcements on our prize pool, including cash prizes!