Harassment Policy

-YumeConUSA has a strict no harassment policy.

-Harassment is defined as behaviors such as, but not limited to, unwanted intentional touching, stalking, and verbal or sexual harassment.

-If you are experiencing harassment, find the closest YumeConUSA staff member. If a staff member cannot be located or you have a harassment complaint about a staff member, text YumeConUSA’s hotline.

-Violations of the Harassment Policy may result in warnings, suspension of badge, or removal from the event.

Photography Policy

-When taking photos, it's very important to ask the permission of the subject of the photo. Don't assume consent because the subject is in cosplay or posing for another attendee. If an attendee says no, respect their no.

-YumeConUSA will be taking photos at the event. We reserve the right to use photos taken for promotional purposes without compensating the subjects of the photos.


-No outside food or drinks are allowed in compliance with our venue’s rules. There will be food and drinks available for purchase and there are restaurants nearby.